ServicioMe membership cards are designed uniquely where members can access exclusive benefits. There are four (4) membership categories from Classic, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each category has distinct features and unlimited rewards.

ServicioMe membership program aims to provide fast, easy and accessible maintenance services at all times. Life made easier with ServicioMe membership programs. Sign up and be a member and start living a wonderfully comfortable life.

Services Classic Silver Gold Platinum Remarks
Preventive Visits 1 2 4 6 Inclides Electrical, AC/HVAC
Emergency Visits 4 8 12 Anytime Per Year
Responding to Emergency Calls One the same day On the same day On the same day As soon as possinle On Schedule
Checking Water Pumbs & Water Heaters No No Yes Yes Excluding spare parts
Water Tank Cleaning 1 Tank 2 Tank All Tanks All Tanks Once per year
Carpentry No Yes Yes Yes Once per year only Doors, Locks, Cabinets
Monhole Cleaning No No Tes Yes Once per year
Pest Control No No 1 2 Per year

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